West Trans Auto Business Challenge

West Trans Auto Business Challenge 

Every 8th client, WestTransAuto, needed a digital solution for collecting and processing information that pertained to all business processes in order to increase productivity and optimize collaboration between stakeholders. Using Excel Microsoft Access, managing transportation was an inefficient process as manual entry was unsustainable, and a lack of seamlessness between departments affected fundamental management tasks.


Forecasting demand and shipment volumes was inaccurate, and transportation planning was an inefficient process. With a lack of freight, fleet, and logistics management, the Canadian trucking company was unable to gain real-time visibility into transportation and shipping activities.


Paper-based processes left WestTransAuto with over-charges and invoicing errors that cost in dollar value as a result of a lack of reporting to assess all freight costs. Without consistency and centralized data management, there was no effective deployment and no visibility into across cross-departmental documentation.


The Solution


Every 8th deployed a digital transformation for paper-based documentation. The plan allowed to:

· Use a scalable, cloud-based solution that automated processes and provided end-to-end visibility, cross-departmentally.

· Improve planning to define the most efficient transport parameters like cost and, number of stops. Elements like carrier rate acceptance and dispatching were automated, and follow-up tasks like accounting, invoicing and reporting were consolidated.

· Provide a solution for broad shipment management and logistics flow control to optimize and direct movement of goods from order to receipt.

· Transfer data lists to Excel.

· Print list of drivers, companies working with, and cargo types.

With Every 8th in place, the Safety Manager had a 360-view of all dispatching processes, and was able to evaluate logistics like maintenance reports, insurance data, altercations with authorities and other reports.


Every 8th worked together with WestTransAuto to implement the system, transfer all information from Excel, and had the system up and running within 2 weeks.


Every 8th features used by WestTransAuto


Load Board

Load Board is used as a virtual truck stop for all shipping processes and dispatchers, showing all active loads to management. The Load Board feature allows WestTransAuto to better coordinate, obtain, ship, and receive loads. It provides opportunities to review shippers/carriers for delivery dates, and contains all information on who is working before a load from a freight broker or shipper is accepted.


Load Board manages the status of orders and allows WestTransAuto to receive real-time information into the status of drivers, trucks and trailers.


Shippers / Consignees

This module is used by shippers and consignees to manage all processes from shipment to receipt of shipment. Module also includes contact information like name, phone numbers, and destination.



The calendar module works to keep track of information such as passport and medical expiration, and maintenance times with mechanics.



Accounting module is developed to be fully integrated with other features. Notifications for dispatchers are set up in case a customer has not paid for previous orders or is running behind the payments. Things like Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable, Expenses, CDN/USD currencies, Batch printing of checks, and Drivers/Owner Operators/Carriers payroll are included.



This module is used to measure performances and productivity. It ensures management visibility into all activities by efficiently creating reports with accounting, operations and maintenance information. Information like Driver’s KPI’s and Load KPI’s are also visible to management.


Workgroups Messenger

Communication between drivers and dispatch are managed with messaging feature from the web application directly to a driver’s device.

The results

Every 8th was able to work with WestTransAuto from the start of the analysis phase, and continued support and features development throughout. Every 8th has grown into the latest version for WestTransAuto incorporating all functionalities listed above.


This enabled the trucking company to:

· Logistically move quickly and with precision.

· Support all dispatchers and internal teams in real-time.

· Eliminating all manual errors, with drastic increases in internal resource efficiency.  


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