The Future of App Development is Here

Businesses are successful when they have a positive mindset: Focus your energy not on fighting the old, but building the new. For app developers in 2019, this sentiment is more relevant than ever.


Salesforce calls it the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It is an era where technology is evolving overnight. This pace is creating an unprecedented transformation in the way apps are being built, showing itself in the speed of development.


So, what is the reason for this transformation?


Salesforce has come out with a new brief, “The New Frontier of Software Development.” The data-driven overview looks at how low-code - instead of replacing developers - is actually empowering them.


Doing more with less (and faster) is becoming the new approach to developing apps. Due to this evolution, the role of the IT professional is transforming.


Developers now have more room to become enablers of efficiency and innovation - they are no longer just hand-coders.


Companies are opening the door for citizen developers


In order to deliver work efficiency faster and avoid building apps from scratch, forward-thinking companies are exploring citizen development.


Citizen development is the process of empowering users to create similar applications that a coder would from scratch. With less coding, there is potential for fewer bugs, leaving IT to focus their expertise on higher-level projects.


You see, low-code is an environment where users with no coding experience are able to use visual interfaces and configuration instead of traditional hand-coded applications. There are tremendous benefits to this.


First, developers can hand off lower-priority projects to get rid of bottlenecks in the pipeline, in turn, focusing on innovative ways to approach operations in the company as a whole.


Second, low-code turns ‘requesters’ from other departments into users who are “self-coders” and no longer have to rely on IT for help.


Enter Every8th


The every8th platform allows users to create their own apps using an intuitive editor which requires less coding knowledge than traditional, from-scratch app development (requiring extensive coding knowledge).


With Every8th, it’s possible to develop highly customized apps that fit your business’ exact processes.


Our customers are supported by our Application Builder that allows them to change and improve business processes with self-built apps.


Key takeaway


Low-code platforms are the fastest and most efficient ways of rolling out the apps that are tailored to your business needs, as they will foster creativity and innovation among your employees.


Adopting a low-code platform means using visual tools so that those who cannot code can have a common ground to work from and share ideas when it comes to building specific business applications.


If your company relies on the use of apps, adopting low-code is the direction you want to go. And, if you are a developer, familiarizing yourself with low-code will help you get a place at a table with decision-makers, making you a valuable asset to your team.


Every8th is proudly Canadian. For more information, please fill out our Contact Us form to chat about transforming your operations, today!

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