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Redefining ‘Custom’

The technology that once enslaved developers, is technology that now sets them free.  

Forward-thinking businesses are undergoing a transformation from ‘traditional’ app development to low-code development platforms. 

This transformation is marked by a critical differentiating factor: instead of paying an arm and a leg to develop an app by an application development company, there now exists a significantly less expensive alternative.

Pause and think about the way you manage your operation: has your process evolved or stayed the same in the last 3-5 years?

If you still rely on outsourcing your development overseas, we say to you with certainty that it is time to apply today’s best practices to your business processes and redefine how you go about developing apps.

Redefining “Custom”

Application Builders make it possible to take app development back to where it belongs - internally: inside the company. 

The ability to work with a tool that enables us to customize apps on-the-fly is becoming the new standard that is just as effective, and more efficient than “traditional” development. 

When users start building apps on their own, they see and think, “Holy sh*t! How much money did we spend outsourcing when it takes me seconds to do it myself!”

Clearly Described - Easily Done

The Every8th application builder is a ready-made tool that allows us to build apps from scratch (the new “scratch.”)

Say you want to build an HR management solution for your team. With an Application Builder, all it takes are a few clicks of the mouse to create and manage lists of employees. You can manage who has access to these lists while giving specific users the ability to create, read, update or delete names.

Drag and drop the features you need for your business process, and Voilà! You’ve just developed your very own app – uniquely customized to your exact needs.

You see, the evolution in the development process is transforming the way we build and develop applications!

The Rise of the Business Analyst

We see a significant transformation from what we were once; “coders” to what now is needed more than ever for even higher effectiveness and efficiency: Business Analysts.

A Business Analyst helps guide a business towards improving processes and software through data analysis. The role helps bridge the gap between IT and the company to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders.

Using real-time user data and analytics tools, Business Analysts help to identify user trends, functions and adoption problems with applications. Because of the need to collect more data to optimize operations, a Business Analyst becomes an invaluable agent in a company moving away from product ownership to a waterfall development environment and management of agile projects. 

She is no longer sitting writing lines of code for hours at a time - she is now apart of strategy at a higher level.

The Solution: Business Automation Framework

Information technology giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft develop software at a rapid pace to meet the demand for their products and services. For these companies, and the IT industry as a whole, relying on automation frameworks guides their efforts.

A Business Automation Framework allows:

  • Scalability to future requirements
  • Easy maintenance and reusability 
  • Reliability and consistency
  • Improvement in efficiency in day-to-day operations

In conclusion…

Moving away from the idea that you need to build an application from the ground up is the direction you want to take. 

There are Application Builders that allow users with no coding experience to build customized apps specifically for the functions they need within their business.

The Application Builder is one of the standard apps of the Every8th platform. Our development environment allows you to build scalable cloud-based apps and modules with minimal code. 

It’s time to say goodbye to expensive development across the sea, and take back control of your operation!

Every8th is proudly Canadian. For more information, please fill out our Contact Us form to chat about transforming your operations, today!



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