Is Your Intranet Measuring Up?

Whether your current intranet is a necessary evil or the lifeblood of your work community, it's important to have one that works for you. Is your intranet really doing everything it could to improve every part of your business? Every8th is completely customizable and has a whole host of features that ensure you get the most out of your business platform.

Website Builder

Did you know that Every8th isn't just an intranet platform? You can build your own business website, with unlimited pages, through the exact same web log-in you use to access your intranet. Create re-usable layouts and content snippets and make updates easy with our fully-featured content management system (CMS).

When your website is built on the same platform as your intranet and business modules, integrations are easy. Get leads easily by connecting content displayed on your website, such as fillable forms, to the databases in your business platform.

Built-in Applications

Every8th comes with several built-in functions to set your business up for greatness. From our customizable start page to our task manager, these basic applications form the core of your Every8th platform:

Start Page

The start page is fully customizable, allowing the administrator to show key messages, progress on goals, news items, and anything else they think may be useful for users to see whenever they first log on.

Activity Stream

The activity stream, or social intranet, is the backbone of the platform, allowing users to quickly communicate and see what everyone else is up to.

Knowledge Management

Our knowledge management system is perfect for keeping critical information secure yet accessible. Want to see which articles are helpful for users and which aren't? The integrated rating and statistics feature can help you discover which articles are helpful and which need to be re-worked.


A mainstay in any intranet, the calendar helps you keep your events and appointments organized.

Work Groups

Keep control of user responsibilities and roles with the built-in workgroup functionality.

Task Manager

Last but not least, the task manager helps users manage projects and tasks. Sometimes, it really is just that simple.

Application Builder

Our platform has a baked-in application builder, which allows your in-house or Every8th developers to craft customized tools for your business. These can range from invoicing systems to delivery tracking modules. Re-usable elements and our rapid application development (RAD) environment make developing new tools a snap. In fact, non-developers can easily build forms and reports by using our visual drag-and-drop interface.

Do you already use a third-party provider for a certain tool? Eliminate additional logins by adding it directly to Every8th. You can also add Every8th modules to other websites through our easy API integrations.

Control Panel

Every8th's powerful control panel allows users to find what they need, and admins to make changes easily. Change settings with a single click, and implement custom styles through our simple CSS editor. Admins can also keep the site information safe by enabling different user groups with different access levels, so users only see what's relevant to them.

Every8th has a lot to offer your company. Contact us to learn how Every8th can make your business better.


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