Feature Focus: Every8th’s Application Builder

Every8th is made to make every part of your working day better, but where it really shines its application builder. The application builder's easy-to-use interface makes it possible for anyone, regardless of technological background, can make useful tools for their business.

Standard Components and RAD

Every8th’s application builder uses rapid application design (RAD) strategies. This means that it contains standard business-themed components that make it easier for you to make tools that are relevant to your business. It also means that user-created lists can be shared between new apps. Never enter duplicate information again!


Every8th is made to grow with your business. Your tools can always be edited or modified in the application builder. Add new fields, lists, or remove functionalities that aren’t needed anymore.


You may or may not realize it, but we use forms almost every day. Quickly create intricate and useful forms for internal use, which can include common objects like invoices or timesheets.

Similarly, the embedded forms function can help you gather useful information from external sources. Simply design the form in Every8th’s drag and drop interface, then copy the code and paste it on your website. Gathering leads or receiving feedback has never been easier.

Database Builder

Modern businesses run on data, and constructing your database can be a daunting task. Every8th makes it simple by offering business-themed components and shareable lists, so you can get your database going as soon as possible.

Report Builder

Easily view segments of your input data into Every8th through the report builder. Simply click, select the type of information you want to see, and the system will generate an easy-to-read report containing that data.


Every single tool you design is assigned to a specific set of users. This means that you can keep your data safe and relevant by only showing it to people who need to be using it.


Every8th is extremely customizable. Add third-party plugins, scripts, styles, or other assets to your tools to make them as relevant as possible to your business needs.

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