Email: one small step for humanity, one giant leap backward for your productivity

How Every8th is helping fight back against inbox clutter

When email first became mainstream in businesses, it was a godsend. Less fussy than faxes, faster than mail or courier, and often less time consuming than a phone call, email was a huge game changer that, on the whole, provided a boost to business productivity.

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, email became a hindrance as well as a help. Magazines like Forbes and MacLean’s, plus countless others, have identified email as a chief obstacle that workers had to overcome in order to be productive. There are several reasons for this. One is the inability to convey tone in writing, which can lead to misunderstandings and hurt feelings. Another is that emails can be too long, too convoluted, too poorly-spelled or too irrelevant to help with office productivity.

But the number one reason why email has become a productivity menace? Sheer volume. Every day, we are inundated with emails from co-workers, promotions from stores, newsletters from businesses, notifications from social media, and countless other items. The average person receives about 80 emails a day, which means we simply receive too many emails to be able to work effectively.

There are many articles that offer tips on how to be more productive in dealing with work emails, but Every8th can offer one more trick to keeping your inbox clutter-free: integrated and custom notifications.

With an integrated intranet, you won’t receive email notifications for every single little thing that happens on your business website. Simply log in to Every8th and it’s all there for you. New items, completed forms, and almost anything else is stored in our self-contained environment.

Every8th also has the option to build in the ability to notify your colleagues by SMS, tweet, or any other way that works best for your business. This keeps your notifications streamlined and relevant, and helps to keep important information from being lost in a constant stream of emails.

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