ATTN: Coders - Your Job is Still Secure!

Low-code is evolving and is no longer an infant in the app development market. Forrester predicts low-code adoption will grow at a rate of 50 to 55 percent each year between now and 2022.


Low-code is becoming available to businesses and is lightening the workload of a coder: the time he spends hand-coding an app.  


Yet, IT professionals are still slow to trusting low-code. In their eyes, low-code doesn’t leave room for customization and is painted with the same brush with each app that’s developed.


At first glance, it’s easy to see that coders who are proud of their expertise are less than welcoming to low-code because it’s basically no code at all.


So, you ask: Is the coder’s job at risk? Will his jobs disappear? After all, anything that claims to make the development process faster, must be cutting all sorts of corners!


The answer is a certain ‘No:’ The job of the coder will not disappear, it will evolve.


How so?


Developers will now have more time to focus on solving problems on a higher level. They will get more opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in solving business problems.


Low-code encourages a creative workspace. It pushes developers and employees to work together. In this framework, coders with deeper business insight will need to embrace soft skills to help them achieve more senior roles.


Soft skills will include relationship building, knowledge of the business, empathy, and change management - all top skills needed by successful CIOs.


Undoubtedly, there will be a lot of change happening if low-code is applied. So is it worth it?


Businesses that use low-code innovate more quickly, adapt faster to customers needs, and as a result, achieve a competitive advantage.

Introducing low-code development to decision-makers


There are several advantages to point out to decision-makers to encourage low-code, all while keeping the coder’s job in place:


  • Pair developers with people who have a technical role to improve team building.
  • Ensure employees from different departments have their roles secured by solving business requirements.
  • Encourage app development that would become part of an effective operation.


The Every8th Platform


The Every8th platform has kept in mind the job security of the coder and has developed a framework that will accelerate business growth. Once you see that it is faster to build the kinds of apps you need to support internal processes and operations, you will see that it will leave you a seat at the table with the big bosses and decision-makers.


Key takeaway


Low-code development, which is essentially a part of the process of a digital transformation, will create an opportunity for you to take on more meaningful roles.


When you demonstrate your capability at solving business problems and having superior business knowledge, you are more likely to be promoted and gain senior-level roles.


Every8th is proudly Canadian. For more information, please visit Every8th Application Builder.

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